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Amity Training Dubai February 2017

Arab Health Congress 2017


Amity Booth 2016

Amity & Hayn Booth Dubai 2016

The launching of the Kuwait Green Association in April, 2014, by Excellency Sheikha Fariha Ahmed Al Subah was given extensive media coverage; both front and interior pages, that featured Hassan Aboalanin, President, Hayn Green .



 Kuwait GreenApril:

Hayn Green  is proud to be a sponsor for Excellency Sheikha Fariha Ahmed Al Subahand the Kuwait Green Program.


Head of Table Hassan Aboalanin, President, Hayn Green & Excellency Sheikha Fariha Ahmed Al Subah


Hassan Aboalanin, President, Hayn Green  & Excellency Sheikha Fariha Ahmed Al Subah discussing program strategy.


Excellency Sheikha Fariha Ahmed Al Subah



Eng. Mohammed Al-Enezi, Deputy Director General for Technical Affairs, EPA Kuwait


Hassan Aboalanin, President,Hayn Green

Arab HealthJanuary 2014:

At this conference/exhibition, Hassan Aboalanin, President of Hayn Green , met with US Commercial Services Specialists to continue the distribution development process to increase exports from the US.


Hassan Aboalanin, President, Hayn Green  and Yusif Almahdi, Commercial Specialist, US Embassy, Kuwait.





Kuwait February 2013:

Following the Arab Health 2013 exhibition, Bruce & Hassan traveled to Kuwait and presented; through the US Commercial Service and the US Embassy Kuwait an educational Green Building Cleaning  program.

Arab HealthJanuary 2013 – Dubai, UAE:

Arab Healthis the largest healthcare exhibition & congress in the Middle East, and the second largest in the world.

While in Dubai for Arab Health, Bruce Roeck and Hassan Aboalanin visit the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world (over 2700 feet and 160+ stories [830M]).